Welcome to Visual  Asset Property Tools.

On this site I hope to demonstrate  useful Asset & Facilities Management tools that can help you in your daily work.

The tools are based on open source or common tools , either free programmes, for example Google Maps, Adobe Reader or tools such as Excel.  The data should also be controlled by the client, so the data is designed to be client side.


The tools are broken down into different areas with examples of how they could be developed.

In the Design profession, a lot of data is generated to create building assets, this information is used to construct the building, then the information seems to be stored away, some get as far as the client, but it is not in a format that is of much use on a day to day basis. Yet, with a bit of formatting, this information can be of use throughout the working life of the building.

In our current age, everything is digital, and we have systems to create & store vast amounts of data. Making this data accessible, democratising it, is what is needed and it is not too difficult to do. In the age of the internet, all of this information can be put online and made accessible ( at different degrees of security) to allow for good information access.

On a regular basis, I see one of the main issues with poor work is lack of communication. Somewhere along the line, someone hasn’t got the relevant data to make a decision or to do a piece of work, so the decision or work is done with incomplete information that regularly leads to poor outcomes. The information is there, it just never got to the person who required it.

A lot of Building information is pretty static and does not need updating, only some of it does. As long as it’s stored in an accessible format and location, it can be tagged with dates to advise on relevance and newer information can be linked to the original building data.