3DPDF data extract to CSV

This is a test page and only upload is live.

This was a test for an automated Process using UiPath to create a remote scheduled Robot that would open a 3D PDF file, extract parameter data from that file and save it to a CSV file so that it could be used in an Excel Macro sheet.

The second part of the process would have been to import the CSV file and filter the data and export Room information such as Wall, Floor & Ceiling Finishes and substrate details as well as quantities of each.

It was intially based on this post.

To extract all parameters in 3D PDF file to a CSV file please click on link  to upload your 3dPDF file.

Note: File must be a .PDF type otherwise it will not upload.

You also need to put in your Name & Email address. This is required so that:

  1. You get an email confirming you have uploaded the file
  2. A link is sent where you can access the .CSV file [NOT WORKING]

[Not functioning]  the automated robot only runs every hour, on the hour (Auckland Time), so there may be a delay in the response email.

(Note , because this Google Form asks for email address it will not let you embed it into a web page. That is why there is a Link to the form, not an embedded form)