Heatmaps are a great method for looking at your building elements over time. I have built 2 flavours.

1. Heatmap on individual building over 25 years

The first flavour allows for looking at different baselife conditions to see what changes if you neglect to do maintenance.

They show how the condition of the elements will change over the next 25 years. You can switch between different baselifes, which are specific to each element, to see when they will need work.

See this BLOG.

2.Heatmap on Property Portfolio external elements

This is an embedded excel file with filterable columns

  • This heatmap displays over 1000 rows of Roof data for building portfolio over 26 years.
  • This heatmap displays over 15000 rows of External Fabric data for building portfolio over 26 years.
  • This Uses pivot tables and Slicers to show the same data above embedded in a web page.

See this BLOG.