Here are some links I have found  helpful.

BIM Standards and Guides to help Owners & their consultants

Standards and guides, a bit  NZ focused. There are other standards such as COBie and Uniclass and others. They come and go with fashion. I have seen too many people get over absorbed and waste time trying to shoe-horn some definitions/elements into a class etc. Generally, pick one, go with it, alter it to suit the needs of the client/your own office standard or a Project standard. Don’t get too bogged down by them, they’ll change with time and then you have to re-adjust our data to the new criteria.

CAD, BIM & Revit Tools

In the BIM environment everyone has a specific office BIM tool, in NZ the 2 main contenders are Revit & ArchiCad while some have Vectorworks.

I prefer and have learned Revit as it has both MEP and Structural Tools so allows for design/coordination with structural and services design teams without buggering around with converting to IFC’s or other workarounds.

Since I am in this environment I have come across some nice add-ins that are either free or reasonably inexpensive that have made my job easier for data capture from Revit to populate datasets for AM/FM.

A few consultants end up using Revit OOTB (out of the box) with no add-ins. Usually the IT department want to control the process and have office standards, a bit too draconian and inefficient in my opinion. This is not a method to enhance productivity or increase efficiencies.