Maps are a great way to get an overview of your properties.

Using tools like Google Maps which contain some great visual intelligence.  They can show relationships with other buildings and nearby facilities, geographic issues and environmental conditions.

An example

The house in the image, there are trees to the North & West so this will block out the sun ( This is Southern Hemisphere so Sun rises in North).

Also , from, the Street view of this building we can see that it is a timber clad building.

From this we can infer that it will be cold in winter (no sun getting to the building, and from its style it is turn of the century, so unless its been extensively refurbished, the insulation in the walls will be minimal, also it has timber sash windows which are very

leaky so this will exacerbate the heat loss from the house.

Another thing is that the walls will not dry out well, so unless the walls are regularly washed to get rid of lichen/mould the paint will break down faster than normal. So the choice is more frequent maintenance or more frequent repainting. On this building I would use a Lower Baselife of the paint renewal ( If standard Baselife for repainting is 10 years, Loweer Baselife would be 8 years , and a Higher Baselife 12 years if good sun exposure and good maintenance regime. ( See Heatmaps to see different examples).

So, maps and their uses, click on links below