Other Maps

While exploring maps for use within the AM/FM filed I cam across other types before I finally decided on Google Maps.  Some of these were quite interesting and are shown below. I have no immediate use for them at the moment, but there may be some interesting applications in the future.

Wellington 3D in Mapbox.

Although quite fun and interesting, the underlying data is open street map (OSM) data, which is pretty comprehensive but not complete. My house is not on it.

In the exercise for Burnham camp ( See Maps with Data) I used the Koordinate Data to try and overlay new buildings  but could not get that to work, that is why I stayed with Google Maps.

The original Burnham Camp with Mapbox . The Koordinate overlay on Burnham Camp with Mapbox– note only original buildings extrude, not the missing ones (drag to check in Rightr Hand Side of map where new buildings located).  Burnham camp OSM. Note the limited number of buildings on the site. Another 3D view is with VisCities of Bunham Camp. Again, OSM data and information missing.

A good use for this is in the following article on Wellington Earthquake Prone Buildings. A very effective overview.

This one is just great, Mount Victoria Wellington Maps 3D.io,  the nice thing with this is it shows topography, which the MapBox, OSM & VisCities do not. So its a handy one to add in for people who are not familiar with the region and planning to do work on a steep site.  Google Maps gives you Streetview that gives you some idea of the surrounding topography (and Terrain overlay).
This is a map showing Covid infection numbers in New Zealand by Location.It is pure HTML with some CSS so no JS and all contained in file with <path> to show regions that you can then adjust by using Excel to edit the code. Covid Map from Excel

Link to video on how this was created

There is also another Covid map that is build from, linking to an API so automatically updates when the data is updated. CovidMapAPI