Information about the Asset & Facilities Management Information System from TecnoTeca  website

  • openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management.
  • openMAINT is an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintaining activities.
  • openMAINT helps the managing authority to know, organize and update those data related to the asset inventory, in order to support their decision and operative procedures.
  • Its capabilities are shown here in an overview
  • Data Structure can be adapted to specific needs

As it is open source I have been interested in exploring it. It is quite extensive as a tool.

Unfortunately its setup and use documentation is a bit brief as TecnoTeca want you to use their services to setup and manage your instance.

I have written a number of “how to” blogs on both setting up an instance on a PC and Server and also the  configuring of a schema within the programme itself.  On my blog site 8/10 of top visits have been for openMAINT blogs.

I have a demo site up and running, it is a free Amazon AWS EC2 instance so only has 1Gb of RAM and 3GB of storage, so is not up to the spec requirements recommended for hosting openMAINT, but is adequate for a demo site, HERE.

You will need to email me to get login and passwords as when I had the site open someone sabotaged it and I had to rebuild the setup again, so I am now only giving site access on request.

There is also a forum that I setup as an alternative to the TecnoTeca CMDbuild forum as their answers are quite cryptic, if not downright misleading in respect to questions on openMAINT.

I think it is a pretty comprehensive tool, just a shame about its lack of support for setting up. The 2 things that the Paid version has over the open source version that I think are quite important are:

  1. Link to website for displaying information & 2 way interconnection with web
  2. Mobile app for inputting new data  or updating data when on site.

I have tried to address the first instance with the property information site demo where I connect tables from an MySQL database and display the data on the web, although it will need a bit of time to configure the SQL queries to the openMAINT postgres database as the main area has 589 tables so getting the queries to do inner/ourer joins will be fun (although there are functions that are already preset to follow).

The 2d instance I have started to look at in building a mobile app, here in this blog and this 2nd blog and also see the SCRUD page. This is still a work in progress.