Photographic Panoramas

Photographic room capture 360/180-1st Example

There is a BLOG regarding this HERE.

I created a duel setup where I took High  & Low resolution images and coloured them blue and red and that worked very well, you could open the low res photos and then look at the high res ones if you needed more detail or needed to zoom in to look at condition of an element in the room. You would need to use an image resizer to reduce size of image for low resolution images. In some way a bit like the 2D drawing set that uses images to view in browser & then open the required PDF with high resolution.

The example at the top of the page uses the Plan with links. It  is a useful way of referencing where you are in the building and also going to the specific room you are interested, instead of scrolling through a lot of images first.

There are a few other free plugins for photo panoramas that i investigated in this blog.

The WordPress Photo Sphere plugin is quite nice as it has a bar with the panorama name, but it only opens when you click on it. So this speeds up your web page load time dramatically as its not loading the images.

The other plugin I thought was really useful if you had a property fronting the street is The gPano plugin uses Google Street View to show a street view on your web page.

There are a few paid Panorama tools and they allow you to link the panoramas together so that you can transition from one space into another without leaving the panorama, as well as showing data.  This could be a useful tool if you were in a meeting going through work that needed to be done, just going through the spaces and using snagit or some other screen capture tool to mark up images showing minor works.

This is a website example that I was quite impressed by, for Nelson Council to show off retail shops. See this article in stuff for reference.