Save, Create, Read, Update & Delete (SCRUD). Managing databases remotely.

The process with this started when I wanted to create a mobile app that would be useful for capturing information on-site, the process is described here in this blog and this 2nd blog .

I shaped the elements of the app. Help page, Camera page, Input of room number page, QR scan page, Data page but then came upon the issue of accessing the database and playing with the information in it.

I then found that there is a whole area devoted to CRUD and SCRUD. So I started exploring that. I developed a form that is usable on a tablet (you need a reasonable amount of screen architecture) and I could do the SCRUD commands, but the form was SLOW! Especially when the databases got bigger.

Here is the small table of 25 lines of Data which can be searched and altered.

Here is a larger table of 5681 rows, it takes a long time to refresh.

This is still a work in progress. It needs more speed to be viable. I think you need to put the room code in before sending the query so that not all 5681 rows are downloaded.