BIM Guides & Standards

Some Links of interest in structuring owner BIM delivery process.

US Owners Guide for BIM

An article on US National BIM Guide for Owners (NBGO) gives building owners gives a documented approach complete BIM requirements for a normal project.

The actual guide can be downloaded from HERE.


Bim NZ, with Bim Tools , with links to NZ BIM handbook and Handbook and appendices.

Also , the NZ BIM execution plan document.

NZ BIM Metadata standards

NZ Meta-data standards for Residential and light Commercial Buildings. These are a COBie type meta data standard that pertain to NZ.

If owner has a specific Asset Management Information System that requires data in a specific format and also specific data, this should be flagged with the Consultants early on so that there can be a review of how parameters (within BIM)  need to be developed to meet these data requirements.


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